Monday, September 12, 2011

Bonjour, Climate Change!

Our planet is warming.
How do I know this?  Well, because my husband, Dr. William Thompson is the lead author of a paper in Nature Geoscience that is just coming out this week!
He's developed a new method of dating coral that gives us a more accurate picture of what's happening with climate change and sea level rise.  Here he is in on the Great Inagua Island in the Bahamas on a research trip.

Bill, (that would be Dr. Thompson) teamed up with Dr. H. Allen from Smith College, along with Brian White of Smith College and Mark A. Wilson of the College of Wooster for this exciting project.
Oh, and I thought you'd like to see some very pretty coral, before it becomes fossilized.
So, how do you figure out how old a coral fossil is?  Well, the first thing you do is bring it home to the lab at the famous Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  WHOI (for short) is on the forefront of climate change research.
Next, you put on one of those ultra cool white lab coats!
Bonjour, Dr. Thompson!
Seriously, this is important research, because with the proper dating, scientists now warn us we might be in for a repeat of the Last Interglacial period, which was very serious because it heated up the planet, caused major ice cap melting and in turn, really big sea level rise.
This happened 125,000 years ago and yes, I 'm sorry to say--it looks like we're headed for a repeat performance.
Oh, and with sea level rise, if you live in a coastal area, for example Cape Cod--it's very serious! 
It's a matter of life and death for people who live by the water.  But really, this sea level rise affects all of us living on Planet Earth.  We are all in this together.  

So, if you want to help make the world a better place for our children, our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren, what can you do?  First of all, open your hearts and minds to the notion of climate change.  Read about it.  Talk about it.  Spread the news--we need to save our planet and we must talk to the people in government and ask them to help the sciences and organizations that support research, such as Woods Hole Ocean and Climate Change Institute, the Comer Science and Education Foundation and the National Science Foundation.  
After all, the future depends on you and what you do today.
The children will say thank you.  And I will too.  
Merci beaucoup!    


  1. How very interesting and fascinating! How are you my new friend? How was the trip to Paris? Or are you still there??

  2. Bonjour, Ruby--Yes, I'm proud of my hubby! I'm in Rouen today, but returning to Paris tomorrow. From there, I go to the south--Toulouse, Auvillar, then to Lille and back to Paris. A whirlwind trip! I hope you're feeling well and enjoying the return of fall. xo Jamie

  3. Maybe climate change needs a charming spokeswoman like you. I'm hoping this is on FB so I can share it easily.
    Dit "bonjour" a Auvillar pour moi! Et surtout Chery & John!

  4. Bonjour Jamie, Off the subject, but I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE Bonjour Happiness! You really speak to the areas I have been thinking about and yes, struggling with for a few years. I am trying not to rush through the book, but savor it. Thank you for the blessing it has given me. It is fun to read about the qualities of French women. MY mother was adopted and is of French Swiss decent. She has always wondered about where her own qualities and traits come from. After reading half of your book, I would say that these French traits must be at least partially genetic. She is in so many ways French. I am hoping to cultivate my inner French also.

    I am so happy to have found your book and blog. Now, I need to find your other books.

  5. We'll make it fashionable to be protectors of the planet! Thanks for sharing this important information, Jamie.

  6. Bonjour Jane Ann--Thank you so much for writing. I'm so glad you're enjoying the book and it's brought some happiness to you! Yes, if you have any French in you, it does bring a lot of je ne sais quoi into your life! I am so happy to hear you'll cultivate your inner French girl.
    And Amy--you are so sweet. Yes, I think protecting the planet is a fashion statement! xo Jamie


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