Monday, September 19, 2011

The Culture of Pleasure

The French believe in the culture of pleasure 
and embrace all the things that make life so delicious.

Dressing with style, bien sur, but also the art of undressing is tres important!
There's the pleasure of lovely lacy lingerie and delicate underthings.
Here, in the southwest (Toulouse and now the little village of Auvillar) where I am visitng--everyone loves the foie gras.
In Paris, I enjoyed a few macarons from Lauderee.  So colorful!  (My favorite is the pistachio.)
However, in the petit ville of Auvillar, we had some lovely macarons avec our espresso at the grand
fete for VCCA/Auvillar!  (More on that soon).
Oh, the fresh air--biking everywhere--c'est tres francaise and very pleasurable.
Fashion and the savoir faire is all about pleasure.

And love is true pleasure.  Look how art inspires passion in the Tuilleries!
Ah, l'amour!  Bonjour, love!


  1. Looks very sensuous !
    Hope you have fun spending time with john and Cheryl.

  2. So simple, so true. So beautiful!

  3. Dear Jamie,
    I've got your book this week. Yesterday evening I began to read and I think that is was a good decision to get it, because it is full of joie de vivre!I' m going to read it during my holiday!And I shall read your previous book also!
    Thank you for this joie and I wish you lot of joyful and wonderful experience, because you got heart for them!
    A 34 years old reader from Hungary

  4. Bonjour, Leslie--Yes, I had a wonderful time with Cheryl and John! So much fun! And Amy, I thought of you so much while there and all the writer-girls from Auvillar and the bad cold--and your fabulous story all about it! And dear 34-year old reader from Hungary--I am honored that you've written to me. Are you reading the book in English? I do believe my first book "French Women Don't Sleep Alone" has been released in Hungary. Merci to all of you gorgeous femmes! xo Jamie


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