Friday, September 23, 2011

An Ode to Auvillar

What a glorious weekend in the petit village of Auvillar!  Tres charmant!
I was so happy to see that the village had restored their exquisite cathedral from the 9th century.
Yes, the 9th century!!!  On Sunday afternoon, we all attended a wonderful concert with the children
of Auvillar singing songs about animals.
And it was so delightful to meet up with my friend, "Jo" from Le Petit Palais.  She is tres belle!  She told me that her scarf is from Lyon--her home ville--famous for beautiful silk
Here's is John Alexander.  He opened many bottles of wine
We were all bustling about getting ready for the big fete!
John's wife, la directress de VCCA/Auvillar transformed the courtyard.  Bonjour, Cheryl!

Et la fete!  Superb!

Oh, and I got to see the famous Lucy avec bebe!
Next stop, Lille!  Au revoir, Auvillar!


  1. I am so envious, but am thoroughly enjoying your blog posts all the same!

  2. Looks lovely Jamie!
    Cheryl with the flowers and look at all those bottles of wine that John has in his arms!
    I would have loved to be there to see for myself.
    Lucky you and thanks for sharing these images.

  3. Oh, it's so good to see everyone from Auvillar! John and Cheryl and Lucy look wonderful - as do you - and I hope you had a lovely reunion.

    Oh, Auvillar. I miss it and our time there!

  4. Chère Jamie, this is wonderful. I was so busy that I didn't take photos and the big event seems like a dream. I love the photo of moi with the flowers, would love to have a copy. Grosses bises mon amie!


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