Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Cure for a Broken Heart

Lucy wanted to be like the other girls in her class.  They seemed to take everything in stride.  So fancy-free and confident.  She walked outside the Sorbonne classroom, and leaned against the wall in the courtyard.  She couldn't help but laugh at Marilee and Sonya prancing about, taking photos of one another.  They were sisters from the RISD program and had already garnered the notice of French Elle Magazine.  Not just because they were great photographers, but because they were so pretty.  

But that wasn't what made them so confident, Lucy mused.  It was something else.  Love, most likely.  And at this moment, it felt as if Lucy had none.  
Peter hadn't responded to any of her texts.  Yes, she texted him several times, even though Trish and Isabelle had told her not to.  She couldn't help herself!
All she could think about was how she wished Peter was here with her and hold her.

Lucy walked across the courtyard and met up with Isabelle who seemed to be just as upset as she felt at that moment.  
"Look at that," she said, pointing to Michael, the boy who seemed so interested in Isabelle just yesterday.  "He's fallen for Miss Savannah College of Art and Design!"  
"SCAD for short," Lucy said, watching as the blonde with the long legs cornered Michael and leaned into him, as if announcing to the others in the class that he now belonged to her.
"I give up, Lucy!" Isabelle sighed.  "Anyway, I don't even know him.  We should focus on getting some good pictures today."
"Yes," Lucy agreed.  "Work will cure you of a broken heart!  That's what my mother taught me." Lucy's mother was also a photographer, and in fact, she was the one who taught Lucy how to take pictures in the first place. 

If only she had taught her how to cope with a broken heart!
To be continued....
P.S.  Michael has a secret.  Any suggestions?

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