Monday, May 6, 2013

French Secret #110

French Women adore scarves!

First of all, they dress up any style, and their so feminine.  If you chose a simple palette, a scarf can add a delicious splash of color.  And they're sexy!  You should always unwrap, untie, unfurl your scarf--slowly--for maximum impact.  And finally, they're warm and they protect our necks.  A scarf is the perfect fashion accessory and can be worn over your hair, around your neck, around your waist as a belt or even a colorful accent to your pocketbook.  Trés beau.
Oh, and if you want to learn more secrets to playing with scarves, you must check out Anne Touraine's fabulous blog, "Playing with Scarves."  She's a real French Women, living here in America and sharing the joie de vivre and l'art de vivre.  Oh, and how to play with scarves.  Trés magnifique!

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