Monday, September 9, 2013

French Women Like it Fresh

French Secret #36
French Women walk to their village market every day, where they buy delicious fruits and vegetables, as well as yummy cheeses, baked goods, breads, fish and meat.
The local market provides a wonderful opportunity for a woman to get into conversations with shop keepers, neighbors and friends.  It's also a great place to meet new friends!
That's why a French Woman will wear something pretty when she goes to market.
After all, you never know!
What do you wear to market?  Anything special?  I'd love to hear!

Photos from The Beauty Truth.


  1. Okay, Jamie, now you're inspiring me. I usually have on my jeans (white, though, because it IS Florida) and a tee shirt when I go to the Publix market to do the shopping. There are many women there who are well dressed and look lovely. I'm just usually not one of them.

    That's because I've probably been sitting at home with my laptop (while fighting with my cat for possession of the keyboard--his typing leaves a lot to be desired), and I don't feel like getting dressed up when I'm home. Then I get lazy and wear the same jeans and tee shirt when I leave the house.

    What's funny is that when I do dress up - for a meeting or lunch or something like that - I always feel better. I feel more "put together." And, it's true - you never do know who you might meet. I already have a wonderful husband, but what if a movie producer was in town and I had a chance to talk to him or her about turning my book into a movie? I'd be much better off leaving the jeans and tee shirt at home! So all of this is great food for thought. No pun intended.

    1. Dear Mary--To me, you've always been a classically elegant gal. I see you as an Audrey Hepburn type with a classic Connecticut flair! But you're right, you must consider the fact that when you're out and about, a famous movie producer could approach you and say he wants to turn your novel The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Café into a blockbuster movie!
      J'adore your book, dear Mary!

  2. Hello Jamie!

    I was just reading a bit of your book Boujour Happiness and love the part about finding happiness instead of chasing it. So smart!

    I have found champagne bottles are very heavy! I need one of those little carts. Sadly in the United States these are mostly used by street people. :( The shortcut to my nearest store is .7 miles and some of it is gravel so the little cart might bump around a bit. lol It's a little hard to live a French life style in the U.S. :)

    I went yesterday for a bagette with black skinny jeans and a navy tank and no jewelry. I peeked in Starbucks to see if anyone was in and chatted over an hour with a couple of friends. It is so true about running into friends and meeting new people when walking to the market. I love it. It makes my day sometimes. And people say the nicest things. Sometimes even snotty things but that is a great compliment if you know what I mean. lol! I like the nice things better.

    1. Dear Sheree--thank you so much for your comments! Your life sounds delightful and I adore how you manage to create a little French Village in your town, even though it's a bit of a challenge. I'm so happy you're enjoying Bonjour, Happiness! I hope you'll also read Ooh La La! It's a fun read and very inspiring. Thank you for following my blog! Love, Jamie


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