Sunday, September 15, 2013

Stockings are a Girl's Best Friend

French Secret #38
French Women love to wear pretty stockings.
And now that it's autumn and the weather is getting cooler, this is a great time to put on some textured stockings or tights or even woolen thigh-highs.

J'adore the fall for fashion, because you can add lots of layers and little details that make your wardrobe so interesting and pretty.  French women know this, and they'll chose stockings with lots of lovely designs.  Often, they'll pair these with boots and skirts for a fun and flirty look.
Do you like to wear stockings in the cooler weather?  What styles, colors and textures do you prefer?  I'd love to hear your style tips!
P.S.  I'll be in Paris for the Pret-a-Porter and also speaking on Wednesday, September 25 at The American Library in Paris with the fabulous Harriet Welty Rochefort.  Please tell your French friends and if you happen to be in Paris--I'd love to see you there!

Photo from The Beauty Truth.

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  1. Ah! Now I am catching up, and how wonderful it would be to see you in Paris! And, I'm in the middle of Harriet's new book as well...I bet the two of you had a blast! :)
    Thigh my 20's I wore them often...and felt very French when I did...heee...
    I, too, love all of the layering that comes with Fall fashion...
    Jamie, did you have a favorite collection at Pret-a-Porter? How exciting!
    Sending bisous...
    - Irina


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