Sunday, October 20, 2013

French Women Develop Their Talents

French Secret #41
French Women believe in developing their own special talents.
Yes, professional life is important, but there's nothing quite like the joy of developing a unique talent of your very own--whether it's ballet, or origami or poetry or playing the violin--doing something artful, just for yourself can lead to a whole lot of joie de vivre.
What is your particular talent?  I'd love to hear about it!
Photo from The Beauty Truth.


  1. Hello Jamie and good evening,
    I'm new on this blog, discovered it yesterday.
    I've just finished to read your "Secrets" and I'm quite surprised to see that about 95% of them are exactly what I'm used to do. I didn't realised it was that French, I just thought it was what women did ! Spending (30 years ago, mind you) 4 years studying at university and still reading (a lot) being interested in social issues, having to go to work (boring, not romantic at all, but pratical) doesn't prevent ones to love perfume, champagne, buying "lingerie" (I planned this very afternoon to go and buy something tomorow, just for fun no need of that at all, but ... just love it).
    Lif is so full, don't you think ?

    1. Dear Réjane--How nice to hear from you! You sound very, very French! I admire you for being romantic and wearing perfume and nice lingerie. Sometimes women forget these lovely little things that truly bring joie de vivre into our lives. I'm so impressed that a "real French girl" has written to me! Merci beaucoup! Bises, Jamie

  2. Indeed, chere Jamie...I call it feeding the soul!! :)
    My list of passions is way too long to list, but here are a couple: speaking French, dancing, and painting!! Wonderful post...
    I hope you are doing fantastic!
    - Irina

    1. Dear Irina--What a lovely way to feed your soul! I too love speaking French and dancing. Lately, I've been learning to play the concertina. One day, I would like to take up painting. Thank you for writing and hope you're having a wonderful autumn! Bisous, Jamie

    2. Merci, chere amie!! How exciting to learn a new instrument! A concertina...fabulous....are you learning some French tunes??

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