Saturday, December 7, 2013

French Women Wear Pretty Lingerie Every Day

French Secret #46:
French Women believe in wearing pretty lingerie.
They'll wear fun, flirty undies everyday, for themselves.
It makes them feel sexy and happy and beautiful.
(Oh, and French Women tell us the bra and panties must match!)
French Women don't like to "plan" too much.  They believe in spontaneity.  So, if romance is in the air, a French Women will feel confident, knowing that she is wearing something very nice underneath  her classic black dress or the starched white shirt and simple scarf.  She knows there is magic and surprise in subtle layering.  She loves delightful details, such as little bows or ruffles, delicious textures like silk and satin and velvet and lace.
The famous Madame Cadolle (known as lingerie royalty) believes that lace is the key to femininity and beauty.
And speaking of Cadolle's Lingerie, I am happy to announce that I will be leading a Ladies Only Ooh La La Paris Tour, beginning July 28, 2014 featuring a visit to the famed lingerie shop.

More details in the coming soon, but please let me know if you're interested!

Photo from The Beauty Truth.


  1. Bonjour, Jamie!

    I am thrilled to tell you that I'm going to Paris in April to celebrate my 30th birthday. My friend and I are so excited! Perhaps I'll purchase beautiful matching lingerie...


  2. Dear Michelle--What exciting news! Paris for your 30th birthday! I can't think of anything more wonderful than that! Please let me know about your trip. And yes, you must buy some pretty lingerie. You don't have to necessarily go to the fancy boutiques. Galeries Lafayette has lots of nice things that aren't so expensive. Enjoy! xo Jamie

  3. Your post is perfectly timed. I just saw the cutest lingerie set online but thought it was too frivolous (and a bit expensive). But why not? It is important to look good underneath as well as on top!

    1. Dear Jenifer--That sounds so lovely! And yes, I agree it's very important to look (and feel good) underneath as well as on top. Enjoy your latest lingerie purchase! xo Jamie

  4. I bought a lingerie at the Soma Intimates sale this week. I’m amazed at the quality.

  5. Dear Jessica--Thank you for your sweet comment and also for sharing the news about Soma Intimates. I didn't know about them! Ooh La La! Jamie

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