Saturday, March 29, 2014

French Women Love Their Pets

French Secret #52
French Women adore their pets.
They love them all--cats, dogs, bunnies, birds and more!
Our pets bring us closer to nature and they help us appreciate all the different ways we can offer love in this world.  Our pets bring so much joie de vivre into our lives.
Yes, your black French poodle or orange tabby cat is a great companion.  He or she will entertain you with delightful antics and make you laugh.  Your little (or big!) pet will  always forgive your foibles and absolutely never judge!
A pet offers comfort when when you're sad and give you a soulful look at just the right moment, so that your heart bursts open with love and possibility.
Do you have a pet?
What's your pet's name and what does your pet bring into your life?  What joys have you discovered because of your four-footed or winged friend?
I'd love to know!
Photo from Simply Feminine.


  1. "All cats are French. They pretend not to understand English when it suits them" (Jon Carroll, San Francisco Chronicle). My tortoiseshell calico cat is definitely very French. I've been out of work for over a year and she is a great companion. Her name is Lady Chat - both because of the quote above and because she is quite a talker! Never any doubt about what's going on in her mind.
    (By the way, I gave myself your Writer's Toolbox for Christmas!)

  2. Oh, I love this quote! Thank you so much. And I completely agree. My orange tabby is very French too. Lady Chat sounds so sweet and dear and yes, a great companion. I'm so glad you have The Writers Toolbox! Have you started using it? Try the Nonsequitur Game first. It's really easy and fun. You can use it with a group too, and make up stories out loud. It's very improvisational. The main thing is to have fun! (That's what my 90-year-old Dad always tell me. Bon weekend, mon amie! xo

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