Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day in Paris

Today is May Day in Paris!
Many Parisiennes have left town for the long weekend in order to visit family and friends.  May Day is also called La Fete du Muguet or La Fete du Travail and commemorates labor organizations and human rights. All over France, people are bringing bouquets of lilly of the valley to their loved ones.  Isn't that a sweet tradition?
I found these for sale on Boulevard Saint Germain.
I bought a little bouquet from this gentlemen.  Just two euros.  

Paris was left to the tourists today, since the locals left town.  Oh, and almost everything was closed!

My beloved Monoprix?  Ferme!
The chocolate shops?  Ferme!
La Piscine (one of my favorite dress shops!)  Ferme!
 Still, it's always fun to window shop.
 Or take pictures of yourself in the reflections from shop windows, and then fuss over the fact that your hair has become a rainy-day disaster!  (That would be moi with the crazy hair!)
 Probably best to slip into a cafe and think about the good people of Paris, now happily reunited with their delightful families at some chateau in Normandy or Burgundy or perhaps Toulouse or Dijon.  
Come back, dear Parisiennes!  We miss you!  
Oh, and here are my Muguets back at my hotel.
Happy May Day!
P.S.  I'd love to hear how you celebrated the first of May!


  1. Happy May Day et bienvenue a Paris. Enjoy your tour although the weather has been a little inclement. I'm curious Jamie. Do you speak French or do you have an interpreter? Joelle

  2. I'm so glad you posted. I like a quiet day and window shopping. I hope plenty of restaurants are open for you this weekend. Have a wonderful time. :)


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