Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Paris Shoes

Here in Paris, the spring shoes are taking to the streets.  There are so many pretty colors and combinations.  J'adore these black and white shoes with tiny polka dots and white trim.  Oh, and the bows!  I could go on.  These shoes belong to Rosanne, one of my Ooh La La! Paris Tour Ladies.  She wore her ensemble with a tiny polka dotted slim-fit pants, an adorable vintage inspired jacket and a black and white polka scarf with a splash of red.  Trés adorable!

I stopped a young woman on St. Germain and asked her about her shoes.  She told me that metallic is all the rage now in Paris and then she let me photograph her gold boots.  Do not believe the myth that the the Parisiennes are not friendly!  They are sooooo friendly!  
 I met two friends visiting Paris from China.  They like to coordinate their colors when the visit Paris.  
 And these shoes belong to a sales woman at BHV.  When I complimented this very French woman on her choice of stockings and shoes, she said, "yes, they're very feminine."  I love that the French embrace the idea of the feminine!
 Here are more shoes from BHV.  These are the famous ballet slippers, Repetto.  You can get them in lots of colors!  Somehow, when I see them displayed like this, I can't help but think of candy in a candy store and I want one of each!
I think the French understand the correlation between shoes and sweets, because look at this display!  Ooh La La!

Do you love shoes?  I'd love to hear all about it!  Au revoir for now!


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