Sunday, June 28, 2015

Making Jam with Wild Black Raspberries

Bonjour from La Belle Farm!
(Also known as the Callan & Thompson Farm.)

 Look how green it is--now that summer is upon us!

The wild black raspberries are in bloom.  Dr. Thompson and I spent the day--which happened to be our tenth wedding anniversary--picking blackberries!  It was a perfect way to celebrate ten glorious years together.  Oh, and you can read about how we met  here.    
I love Dr. Thompson, now a Gentleman Farmer!

We collected our fresh berries in a pretty basket.  There were so many!

Back in the kitchen, we mashed the berries and then boiled them in a large pot.  Once the raspberries  reached a full rolling boil, we then let them boil for two more minutes.  Next, we added an equal amount of sugar.  Four cups of mashed black raspberries requires four cups of sugar.  That makes twelve half pints of black raspberry jam!  

 See how pretty the jam came out.  Oh, and I should say black raspberry jam has a deeper color than just regular red raspberry jam.  It's incredibly delicious, bright and fresh!

We jarred a dozen half pints.  That's just for now, because we have lots more to go pick!
 I'd love to hear about your gardens, mes amies!
What are you growing this summer?
Are you canning any fruits or vegetables?  Are you making jam?
I hope you enjoy every moment!


  1. This looks amazing, I hope I get to taste it!

  2. Yes, of course! I'll save a jar for you, mon amie!

  3. Black raspberry jam is delicious--not quite as sweet as the red raspberry variety. I am so glad that you and Dr. Thompson are enjoying life on the farm!

  4. That is fantastic...and Happy Anniversary!!!
    Love and Blessings,
    - Irina


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