Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wild Strawberries on the Farm

We made a discovery this past weekend on the farm.  Walking through one of our fields, we found wild strawberries!

They are much smaller than the strawberries you find at the supermarket, and not quite as sweet, but they are still delicious!

This is Dr. Thompson, picking strawberries.  We wore hats, because it was very sunny!

Look how tiny the strawberries are!

We ate them with blueberries and yogurt.  So good!  Later that night, Dr. Thompson made homemade strawberry shortcake, but we were too excited to take photographs.  Just trust me, it was delicious!

J'adore wild strawberries!

Do you have a garden, mes amies?  I'd love to hear what you're growing this summer! 


  1. Oh they look so sweet and delicious! Life on La Belle farm just gets better all the time!

    1. Oui, oui! And now we have wild black raspberries. What a year of discovery. Sending hugs, dear Leslie! xo

  2. That's a lot of wild strawberries, Jamie! Do you have blueberries and raspberries, too? If so, I hope that you get to them before the deer!!


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