Friday, October 14, 2016

Christian Louboutin at Le Rive Gauche Bon Marché!

Bonjour, Paris!
It's a rainy day in Paris yesterday, but this didn't stop me from venturing out.  I actually love rainy, gray days--as long as it's not too cold, bien sur.  

Anyway, I was on a mission to find Duvelleroy fans at Bon Marché.  There was a special exhibition, but I was so sad when I found out that I had missed it while I was in the south of France at my artists residency.  (I am going to return to their attelier on rue Amelie--more on that in a few days).

Still, Bon Marché was very festive!  

 I found all these adorable cardboard cutouts floating about the main level, dancing and twirling by invisible strings.
I soon found out that all this frivolity was to celebrate Christian Louboutin!
The famous French shoe designer has collaborated with Bon Marché to create a fabulous pop-up store/exhibit, including special shoes designed just for the occasion.  Louboutin is a Paris native, so he loves to play with iconic images from the City of Light.  J'adore these boots!
If you look closer, you can see that the print is a map of Paris.

Oh, and of course, Louboutin included is iconic red souled pumps!

I loved how the pop-up was about so much more than just promoting shoes, but rather it was a bit of a museum exhibition--giving you some history on Louboutin's designs and how he approaches his work.  Louboutin is a true artiste!

If you'd like like to learn more about the exhibit at Bon Marché, just click here.

Signing off, for now, mes amies!



  1. Ooh la la Jamie.
    I have fond memories of a OPI up shop inside the Bon Marche! 💙🇫🇷❤️ We found you a darling polka dot skirt!

    1. Bonjour, Leslie--I love my polka dot skirt! We were actually at BHV Marais--remember? I loved shopping with you and would never have found that skirt if it weren't for your keen fashion eye! Merci beaucoup, mon amie. And love from Cheryl and John in Auvillar too! xoxoxo Jamie

  2. Oh just beautiful! Thank you for sharing so generously. Loved the pop up store we visited last year. I also bought my daughter a polka dot skirt and blouse, and you picked out a hat for me! Merci dear Jamie!

    1. Dear Kathy--Oh, it's my pleasure to share Paris with you! You know, I love it. And yes, I remember picking out a hat for you, Kathy. And, actually, I returned to BHV yesterday and the pop-shop was still there and oh, what memories! Miss you! Love, Jamie

  3. I'm so excited to have found your blog via Carol Gillot's Instagram. I am just returned from Paris, where efforts to meet Carol did not work out, alas. I love the idea of your tours, and will have to start saving my pennies, now!


    1. Dear Christine--Merci beaucoup for your sweet message here. I love Carol and felt so lucky to spend a day with her when I was in Paris last fall. My apologies for taking so long to answer your comment here. I am writing my new book, "Parisian Charm School" and completely immersed. I will be hosting another Paris tour in 2018. Please stay tuned. xo Jamie

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