Sunday, October 16, 2016

Paris Vintage

J'adore vintage!
And so do the Parisians.
Yesterday, I visited the Salon du Vintage in the Marais.
It's an annual event and very popular among the Parisians
There were so many different vendors!  I found beautiful silk kimonos, dresses from the 1930's up to the the 1980's.  (I think perhaps I saw some of my old big-shouldered dresses from 1986 for sale--just kidding!)  
Everyone at the the Salon du Vintage got into the mood and dressed in style.
Fun, non?
You could even get made-up in vintage style!
 Ooooh...and look how much our American Converse sneakers sell for!  Yes, 70 euros!  My goodness.

 Even Marilyn made an appearance at the Salon du Vintage.  I remember a girl during my first year at Bard College in 1973 wearing one of those sweaters.  She had just spent her summer in South America and I thought she was the coolest gal in the universe.  She was so exotic and fabulous.  I really longed for one of those sweaters, but then a few years later I tried one on and you know, I didn't look good in it at all.  Sometimes, I think it's best to admire beauty and style from afar, and just appreciate the woman and her sense of chic.

Oh, and there was a tango dancing demonstration at the Salon du Vintage.  I adored this!!!!  I am going to try to convince Dr. Thompson to take tango lessons with me when I return home.  Wouldn't that be fun!?
 Do you like vintage?  How do you wear it?  Oh, and I'm curious--is there a style that you admire on other women, but know it doesn't suit you, yet it still sparks your imagination?  And finally, do you think partner dancing leads to romance?

That's all for now, mes amies!  xoxo

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  1. I love anything to do with France or the French culture and this Parisian Show is making me so excited! All the clothes and styles look amazing


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