Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Writers Toolbox: Perfect Graduation Gift!

Happy Graduation Season!
And congratulations to all the new graduates and their families!
I want to particularly make a shout out to all of my friends who have graduated from one of our many writing programs throughout the country, and to all the  literature, film, play writing, directing, acting and screenwriting majors and to everyone anyone who loves writing and storytelling!
Please do consider giving your new graduate with the perfect gift (if I do say so myself), The Writers Toolbox (from Chronicle Books).
Here's a peak inside my little creation.  It's a fun, tactile treasure chest filled with sentence sticks, imagery cards, inciting incidents, dials for protagonists, goals, obstacles and actions, a little egg timer and an instruction book.

I plan to host some writing contests over the summer, so please stay tuned and in the meantime, thank you for your support!

Happy spring!  Happy Graduation!

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