Monday, August 12, 2019

What I did on my summer vacation

Dear friends--

The summer is going by fast, but I hope you're still having a wonderful time!

It's been very busy here in the Hudson River Valley--so much going on!
We have the Basquiat-Warhol exhibit at The School in Kinderhook.  The opening day party was just out of this world.  It was great show, followed by a champagne infused party, delicious food and a great band--and dancing!!  I brought my pretty fan from my trip to the Azores and flitted about the grounds and was delighted to meet up with so many art-loving friends!  It goes until September 7th, so if you're up this way, I highly recommend it. 

Speaking of art, Art Omi has a new sculpture exhibit on the grounds.  It's really fun to walk around the pond and discover whimsical art at every turn. 

I loved the new show at The Thompson Giroux Gallery in Chatham.  It's called "Scout: a More perfect Union," and it takes the work of street artists such as Basquiat, Kenny Scharf or Keith Haring one step (actually five steps) further and feels very, very modern, reflecting this moment in America. 

I also recommend a visit to the Spencertown Academy Arts Center.  They have fabulous juried shows all year long, and of course, during Labor Day Weekend there's the annual Festival of Books--highly recommended!  Oh, and Chatham is nearby, so you should catch a movie at The Crandell and shop for gifts at Pook Style (the owner managed the gift shop at MOMA, so you can imagine how beautifully she curates her shop!).  Be sure to visit Rewraps for beautiful consignment items, the sale of which benefit the dance space, P.S. 21!  So you can feel very good about recycling clothes and helping bring the art of dance to the community.  Speaking of dance...

P.S. 21 is in the middle of a great season with all these famous choreographers coming to our little town of nearby Chatham.

Oh, I'm so thrilled to be dancing these days!  I discovered NIA and have been taking classes with Richele Corbo.  I LOVE her classes!  And, of course, I love my Zumba Gold classes with the amazing Anne-Marie--right here in town--she has the best music!!!  And yes, I'm also tap dancing with Deborah Anthony.  She's adorable!  I'm learning to tap the shimmie sham shimmie!

And I'm working on a new novel that's all about a school in Paris that specializing in dance!  (So, you can see, I have been working hard behind the scenes.). Oh, and I'm illustrating my book too.  I joined Coco Sketchers last year and it's been life changing!  And I am so grateful to take art lessons from the wonderful Jacqueline Rogers.  She's the famous illustrator for Beverly Cleary's Ramona series and she has a new book out called "Goblin Moon."  Wow, is she talented--and accomplished.  I feel artistic just sitting in her studio!

Honestly, I drew a little bit as a teenager, but gave it up in favor of poetry and fiction way back in early 70's, so here I am back to drawing and painting...and still writing.

Here's one of the characters from my book, Madame Lut├ęce.  She's the school's director and a little bit strict.

I wonder if you have stories of re-discovery and return that are similar to mine.  I think one of the most delicious parts of being a certain age, is this idea of picking up things we may have left behind years ago when life was so very hectic.  I know that part of the reason why this is so appealing now is the realization that time is limited.  And also, what have I got to lose!?  And so what if someone laughs and says, you're tap dancing? Really?!  You're doing what--the shimmie sham shimmie!!!??  At this point, I feel a great sense of freedom and I can say YES!  I'm dancing the shimmie sham shimmie and you know what?  I love it!  

For those of you who are younger and do not have this sense of the ticking clock, I say, why wait until you're older to re-discover your true love.  Why not begin now?!

What do you truly love, my friends?  Whatever it is, I say, bravo! 

P.S.  I'm on Cape Cod next week--speaking about Parisian Charm School at The Mashpee Women's Club.  Here's where you can buy tickets for my Tuesday, August 20th talk at the New Seabury Country Club!

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