Friday, September 6, 2019

Wedding at La Belle Farm

Love is in the air here at La Belle Farm!

Dr. Thompson and I  were so thrilled to host the wedding for his son (my stepson), Graham and his lovely bride, Driane.

We started the preparations with lots of flowers--specifically, Zinnias!
I love how they come in all these vibrant colors!  We have some in our own
cutting garden, but my dear friend Karen Martin offered us a big bouquet from her own garden so that I could decorate the entire house with Zinnias!
 We also hosted a rehearsal dinner on Friday night.  There were fifteen guests crowded around our dining room table (actually we added another table and hid the gap with two big white table cloths.)  Trés clever, non?  We also ran out of chairs, so used the wooden bench that my 95-year-old dad recently made for me.  It's on the right, painted green.  My dad is amazing!

We had spectacular weather on the day of the wedding!  Clear blue skies and pretty clouds.  Oh, and the grass was so green!

Introducing the new bride and groom.
The bride and her little flower girl having fun on the farm.
Rather than the traditional wedding cake, the bride chose lots of varieties of home made pie.  This is the blueberry pie.  So old-fashioned and yummy!
This is pretty Carolina, the flower girl, in a quiet moment before the ceremony.  She was truly adorable.  A little angel.
And here is the groom with his brother, Alan, his best man and the official officiant.  They were fun guys!  And aren't they handsome?!
The heart-felt ceremony and all the love that was in the air truly blessed our home.  We still feel the sense of joy and romance in the air and know that this wonderful occasion will always be a part of La Belle Farm's story and history.  Sending the new bride and groom much joie de vivre throughout their lives!

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