Friday, September 4, 2020

Back to Basics

Bonjour, Friends--

Today's creativity exercise is two fold.  First, your prompt.

It's very simple:  Take the word "fan" and do anything you'd like with it.  This could be a noun, as in an electric fan or a paper fan or a celebrity's fan.  You could also use it as a verb, as in "I fanned my hands around my face."  You could use it as the name of a character.  You could draw a fan.  You could create a dance around the concept of a fan. Or you could create a dance using fans.  And if you're a songwriter, just imagine all the words that rhyme with fan.

The point is, I'd like you to go back to basics for this particular exercise.  If you're a writer, try moving away from the computer and writing with pen and paper.  Same goes for painters.  Put away the fancy pastels and oils and try working with the humble pencil.  And if dance, be still and silent and begin with simple, basic steps.  Begin with beginner's mind.

The whole idea behind this idea is to bring you back to your very own physical connection to creativity, starting with the instrument you hold in your hand.  Your hand is connected to your wrist, which is connected to your arm, then your shoulder and finally it connects to your heart.

 Your heart.

 And this is the true source of your creativity.  So go back to basics.  Connect to your heart. 

And, most important, have fun!


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  1. This is an interesting exercise. I always use to write with pencil and paper, but once I started writing my books, I quickly became addicted to the keyboard. I found that I could type faster than I could write. My thoughts were spilling out and I had to get them down as fast as I could so they would not be lost. This is a good exercise in slowing down!


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