Friday, September 18, 2020

Get up and move.

Creativity often comes from unexpected places. 

(photo of Richard Avedon)

For me, it's dance.

I take Zumba classes on Zoom these days with a local teacher, Anne Marie Mink.

She plays amazing songs and she's introduced me and re-introduced me songs I love.  I keep paper and pen handy when I dance because often something comes to me that I will then put into my novel.  I am working a young adult novel about a dance school in Paris called The One and Only Parisian Charm School for Exceptional Girls and Boys.  But truly, even before I began my novel, Anne-Marie's classes inspired my writing.  

Why is that?  Well, it's the lyrics and the story-telling aspect to many of the songs she plays.  It's also how she teaches us sign language while playing one of my favorite Cyndi Lauper's song, "True Colors."  Through the magic of dance, I see the world with new eyes.  Recently, she played a slow and very powerful version of "I Will Survive" by Matt Johnson.  Please take a listen.  It's so beautiful!

The point I want to make is this--creativity enters into your heart, your body and your soul in a myriad of ways.  For me, it's dance, but for you it might be running, gardening, walking, staring out the window, painting, preparing an artful meal, even sweeping the floor.

And this brings me to this week's creativity assignment.  Take a little notebook and pen and go for a walk.  Allow your mind to wander.  If something inspirational comes to you, write it down or draw a quick sketch.  

If you would like a creativity prompt--here is a phrase to get you started:  

"The two sisters looked exactly the same, but there was one remarkable difference that set them apart."

And now, keep walking.  Open your senses.  Smell, sight, touch, taste, sound.  When you return home, lie down, close your eyes and let your mind wander.  Build up your appetite for creating, your sense of yearning.  And then, only after you can wait no longer, open your eyes and begin.  

Just begin.  

Oh, and have fun!



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