Saturday, December 17, 2022

Just Phone it In


I believe that the much maligned idea of just phoning it in is truly underrated and can often lead to unexpected creative breakthroughs. 

In fact on any given day and for any given project just phoning it in, might be exactly what's called for. Look at it this way. Perhaps you are asked to do something or write something or present something and you just don't feel like it. You feel uninspired. Let's say you're a very CREATIVE creative director, your client pressures you to come up with the same old same old.

And so, you just phone it in.

But, here's what's surprising about phoning it in--whatever "it" is--the muse just won't let you do it. The muse is fickle that way and she'll get annoyed that you're not really paying attention, and so she'll throw you some creative curve balls. And that means, you've got to think quick. Get up on your feet. Deal with the spilled paint and try to make something useful out of the stuff you left behind in your rush to just phone it in. 

The good news is that you're working. Your heart and mind is engaged, and, you realize that the hand held shower head actually resembles a phone. Not just that, but you can sing into it. You can make a phone call to the year 1927 and Clara Bow will answer in her winsome voice and ask you to join her in an improvised version of the Shim-sham-shimmie.

Okay, not literally, but you get the idea.

Creative friends--your assignment for this week is to go ahead and just phone something in. Be bad. Be unfocused and not committed and all those things you've been told not to be, but get to work anyway. You'll discover that phoning it in is actually a surprising way of jump starting something new, something unique. And playful. Perhaps even a little wacky. And that's a good thing, because it can open the portal to something new and powerful and completely unexpected.

And while you're just phoning it in, please be sure to have fun.



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