Saturday, December 10, 2022

Ragtime Cowboy

This is my daughter when she was seven years old. We were living in Los Angeles at the time. I had just signed her up for dance lessons. This was no easy feat for a single parent with limited resources. Still, Callan loved to dance--not so much the actual dance, but her ballerina outfit. I mean, who wouldn't love that--the little slippers, the pink top, the tutu.  

The tutu! 

That's what really captivated her. In fact, she began wearing a tutu to school, to the park, to the YMCA. Everywhere.

This tutu obsession really took off when we visited a vintage store called Ragtime Cowboy in North Hollywood. It was a huge place (and I've just learned it's still there!) They were selling tutus in a rainbow of colors. You could get one for $1.50 or ten tutus for $10. How could I resist? I mean, $1 each--now, that's my price point. Callan loved them so much she wore them over leggings or jeans, on top of dresses, under skirts (to add a little extra ooomph), and occasionally on top of her head as a hat, but just at home--seriously, I'm not that clueless that I would let my daughter go to school with a tutu on her head!

But then again, maybe I would?

Today, it's considered perfectly permissible (at least in some circles) for people to wear a tutu as a fashion statement. And you know what--my granddaughters wear tutus, just like their mother did back in the day. So, there. We were obviously ahead of our time.

Creative friends--sometimes it can be a challenge to express your individuality. Not everyone is going to get it or even appreciate it. Sometimes they'll think you're a bit outré, when you're actually on the cutting age of something new and fabulous. Your creative assignment for this week is to NOT restrain yourself! Do not shy away from the full expression of your art. Go ahead and be a little wacky. Know that you are actually creating a brand new future where people can wear a tutu (or two tutus) with a sense of pride and a whole lot of joie de vivre.

And (obviously) have fun



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