Monday, April 22, 2024

Hello, can you hear me?


(Selfie taken in front of video art by Michael Snow, at The School: A Jack Shainman Gallery in Kinderhook, New York).


A lot has happened in the last few weeks--on the world's stage and in my own private household. Yes, I am speaking of our fire, but I am also thinking about the on going world-wide chaos and violence. 

A whole lot of opinions and fierce declarations are being thrown around during these dark days and friends, your small, singular voice may get lost in the cacophony.

As an artist, writer, dancer, musician--you may be feeling insignificant. And you may feel as if your contribution to the world is unwanted and even unnecessary. After all, does anyone really need to hear about your latest portraiture of Mister Freckles? Or that video you made of yourself dancing on the fire escape in your pj's? How about your epic song describing the The Great Windham Battle of the Frogs? (which was a real thing, and a big deal in 1754, by the way).  

And so you're thinking, what's the point? After all, the world has taken a decidedly serious turn and your work is just plain silly. 

However, I would suggest that you consider the era leading up to the Great Depression and the start of World War II. These dark days brought us a bounty of screwball comedies--Grocho Marx, Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. It was also a time for delicious romantic comedies--It Happened One Night and Bringing Up Baby.  

Creative Friends--it's true, these are uncertain times, and you may be feeling confused. You may find it difficult to make your art. You may be foolish. You may think what's the point? No one is listening. But, I am here to tell you that I am listening and a whole lot of other people are listening. Do not let the bullies drown out your brilliant voice. For if you do, we will truly have lost the battle, not to mention the war.

And so, your creative assignment for this week is to write about frogs. 



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