Saturday, April 27, 2024

Objects in the Mirror are Closer than they Appear


You're about to embark on a new project--something big and strange and wonderful and frightening. The future feels uncertain. You have no idea where you're going and that's scary. You look at the distance ahead of you and how very far you have to go. This project--this novel or album or Broadway musical--it's going to take a long time. It's going to take forever and you wonder if you'll ever get there--wherever "there" happens to be.

Plus, it's dark and there are an awfully lot of twists and turns on this road. And what is that over to your right? Some kind of cliff overlooking the ocean? A deer in the road! Hey you, eyes ahead!

In the middle of this journey, you're tired and you're hungry. You've been going for what feels like forever. You'd like to just get some shut-eye. And a snack. You wonder why did you ever start this journey. You're moving forward at a snail's pace and it feels as if nothing is happening and you're not getting anywhere.

And this goes on for a while, and then suddenly it's over.

You're done. Finished. And it all happened so fast.

This is what creating is like. Nothing nothing nothing. And then puff! Everything. 

Everything, my friend. You will look back through your rear-view mirror and wonder how it ended so quickly. You will get out of your car, your legs shaky and you will feel bereft. 

This thing you made--now it's hanging on a wall, the paint is dry, the music has faded and the book is closed, and honestly, you will miss the scary-hands-gripping-the-wheel phase. It will dawn on you that it was during those dark, uncertain days when you felt most alive.

And so knowing this, Creative Friends--your assignment for this week is to step lightly on the gas, keep your eyes on the road, move forward without stopping and enjoy the ride—no matter how rocky it might appear.




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