Friday, July 20, 2012

Bonjour, Omega Institute!

I'm here!  Yes, I've arrived at the world-famous Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York.
It was a long drive from Cape Cod, through the Berkshires and down to Dutchess County.
And now--voila!
Bonjour, happiness!
It's so pretty here and so green.
Here's the porch to the dining room:
I took my coffee in the Faculty Lounge and found photos on the walls of all the amazing men and women who have lead workshops at Omega.  This room is a virtual who's who of spiritual leaders, deep thinkers, and big beautiful hearts!  Jane Goodall is there.  Ram Dass, Allen Ginsberg, Gloria Steinem, Pete Seeger, Al Gore and many other amazing individuals.  
It's quite moving to feel we are all walking the paths that they once walked.  There's some mighty big shoes to fill!  Oh, dear!
I must admit I've been a little nervous about preparing for my Bonjour, Happiness! weekend workshop--(it begins tonight).  I wonder, will I have enough joie de vivre?  Will I help my participants find theirs?  Did I plan enough fun exercises?  
Will they like the champagne?
Worry.  Worry.  Worry! 
But then I say this sign on the wall--
And I realize, it's about love.  And I certainly have enough of that in my heart for everyone to share!


  1. You are SO love! And your photo should be right up there with Gloria Steinem's, such is the genius of your message.

    1. Oh, Amy--you are so sweet! I had a great time at Omega. An amazing group of women--just like the femmes d'Auvillar!

  2. Oh, this gave me goosebumps! Dear Jamie, you will be I wish I could participate.
    Love indeed. Enjoy this special experience, I know you will SHINE and INSPIRE!
    Many beautiful blessings,
    - Irina

    1. Bonjour, Irina--It was truly a heavenly experience. So much fun to spread the joie de vivre. Merci beaucoup for your kind thoughts and many beautiful blessings to you too! xo Jamie

  3. Good for you Jamie!
    You belong there too with the other 'Greats'!

    1. Bonjour, gorgeous Carol--Thank you so much!!!! You belong there too! I hope to book at photo shoot with Carla when I'm next in Paris. xo Jamie


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