Monday, July 16, 2012

Cocktails on a summer evening.

Bonjour, amour!
It's cocktail hour on the Cape and Dr. Thompson has concocted the most delicious pina colada.
Here's how you make it.  Cut up some fresh pineapple, add some coconut cream, rum, a bunch of ice cubes, orange/pineapple juice and whip it all up together in a blender.  Pour into a pretty cocktail glass. Add one maraschino cherry and use just a little bit of the cherry juice to create the little heart.  Sweet and yummy.  Merci beaucoup to Dr. Thompson!


  1. Merci indeed! Sound fabulously refreshing, chere Jamie!
    Do you know that my "regular' cocktail when I travel in France is Malibu au jus d'ananas, which sounds mighty close to this...I will have to try your recipe...I love the little heart :)
    Have a beautiful week!
    - Irina

  2. Oooh, but I want to have a Malibu au jus d'ananas. Sounds wonderful!!! Wishing you a fun-filled week, Irina! xo Jamie


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