Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Scallop's Story

It all begins on a cool October morning in Waquoit Bay.
Yes, scallop season has begun.  That means that the local fishermen with shellfish permits can now go out in their wet suits (it's cold in that water!) and bring home a bucketful of delectable bay scallops.
Next, we shuck them...okay, I admit it, my husband did all the shucking!
After rinsing them, we sautee them on a fairly high heat in a bit of olive oil and melted butter.  We sprinkle on some kosher salt.  Tres simple!
Finally, a sprinkle of fresh parsley and voila!  They're ready.
Bon appetit, mes amis!!!


  1. Oh Jamie, they looks fantastic and may I just add...I lust your shoes in your opening photo!!

  2. Merci! You know, these are French shoes from Promod...but I actually bought them last summer in Prague. On sale!!!! xo


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