Sunday, March 16, 2014

French Women Know their Colors

French Secret #50:
French Women understand the power of colors.  A French Woman will enlist the support of a re-imaging expert, as well as consult sales associates, her girlfriends and her mother or grandmother.

The right color can make you feel beautiful, bring out your best features and make you feel in alignment with your truest self.
Yes, colors can make you change your feelings--emotionally, psychically and intellectually.
Red gives you energy.  Blue bring serenity.  Green stimulates the senses.
How do you feel about colors?  What's your favorite?  And have you ever noticed how you feel different in different colors?
I'd love to hear about it, mon amis!


  1. When I worked with a group a French women, the worst insult they could give to a colleague (tongues wagging and heads shaking) was "Bah, elle ne connait pas ses couleurs!"

  2. Dear Polly--What a great story! I just love how passionate French women can be when it comes to these little (but apparently very important) niceties of life! Merci beaucoup for writing! xo Jamie

  3. My husband gave me the Christmas gift of having my colors "done" about 18 years ago. The consultant chosen is a local acclaimed artist. I've never looked back. She coached me on a wide variety of color combinations I would not have previously considered. Now, I receive compliments wherever I go on my outfits. And each one is perfectly appropriate for even my conservative office environment.

  4. Dear LittleSister--I love this story! I'm especially impressed that you went to see a local artist. How cool! Thanks for writing to me. I so appreciate it! xo Jamie

  5. Bonjour Chere Jamie! Comment ca va?
    I truly hope that spring is flowering all around you....blooms, birds, and warm sunshine... :)
    And COLOR! Oh, how I love color, but strangely enough..not on me...
    I tend to wear mostly neutrals, but with a pop of color in my accessories...
    Completely agree, though, that the right colors can impart a most beautiful glow!
    - Irina


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